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Friday, January 30, 2015

Finally, A Day Together

The past two days have been terrible for me. It's been one thing after another, and on top of that whatever sickness I had, has come back. It's making me miserable. The worst part is, it had to happen on a Friday evening. So I can't call the appointment line to get an appointment. Not that it matters if I could. Two weeks ago they were booked until February 2nd. So I can only imagine how long it will be until there is another opening. I may just have to go to the ER again. I can't survive not being able to swallow. 

On a completely unrelated note, Cody has been working a crazy shift. So I haven't been able to spend much time with him. But I'm excited that I'll be picking him up in a couple of hours and we get to spend the whole day together tomorrow! I'm so excited! Since we won't be able to spend Valentine's Day together, I've decided to make him a big dinner tomorrow and I'm gonna rent us some movies. It's been a while since we've had a date night. So it'll be good for a change.

How To Survive Valentine's Day During Deployment

Valentine's Day is approaching. Many of us love to celebrate it, while many loath the holiday. For those who have a husband deployed, you may choose to ignore it this year or even get very sad not being able to spend the day together. How is a girl supposed to deal with such a thing? Well, I've got a few ideas that may help you.

Make it a girl's night out (or in).

If you want to go out, rather than stay in by yourself, have a girl's night. You don't have to go to restaurants where there will be lovey dovey couples. You can go to low key places or even go bowling or play laser tag. It's better than sitting by yourself missing your husband.

Stay home and pretend the holiday doesn't exist. 

Some of us deal with being apart from our spouse by just staying home, and avoiding Valentine's Day all together. If this is you, I completely understand. Try watching a funny movie, or a TV series. Order take-out or cook dinner. When you wake up the next day, Valentine's Day will be over!

Have a Skype Date! 

If you're able to Skype with your husband on Valentine's Day, great! Try not to focus on the fact that you're apart. You could buy lingerie that you plan to wear when he's home and tell him about it or show him. Just be careful showing him, you don't want someone else to see.

Have a get together at your house.

Invite over people who are in the same situation as you. Have an Anti-Valentine's Day party. Just have fun. It will keep you from dwelling on the fact your husband is gone, and you won't spend the day alone.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Deployed Spouse

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you're trying to figure out just what to send your spouse who's deployed. You want to send something meaningful and unique, but you're not sure what. So I've compiled a list of some of my favorites!

My Heart Will Guide You Compass 

This is a perfect reminded for your loved one that you will always be at home waiting for him or her to return!
Click here to order.

Love Playlist Letter

Compile a playlist of your favorite love songs. Pick out songs that remind you of things you've done together or just songs that make you think of your spouse. Be sure to write down and send the reasons you chose each song. After all, music is the soundtrack of our lives.

Send A Kiss

This is something that is simple and sweet. You put on lipstick and kiss an index card. On the back, write a cute little love note to your spouse and laminate it. Now he can carry it everywhere he goes!

Photo Blanket 

You can put any pictures you choose on a blanket. Many stores will make them for you, such as walmart. Your spouse can cuddle with you every time he or she lays down.

Cake In A Jar

There are so many recipes out there for this. If you search on pinterest, you'll find a ton. Make it red, pink and white and decorate the jar with hearts and this will be a perfect snack for your loved one. 

I hope I was able to give you some unique gift ideas for your SO. Have a lovely day! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Late Night

As an army wife I've experienced a lot of frustration. Last night was definitely one of those nights. Cody has been working a noon to midnight shift. He doesn't have his license (it's a long story), so I've been picking him up. It hasn't been too bad. For the most part he's been released on time. Until last night. They had an issue with their bird, and he had to work over... an hour and a half. So for an hour and a half, I sat in the car, waiting on him.

On top of my frustration for having to sit and wait so long after the release time, I've been really sick for about a week. So I was feeling miserable sitting there. Plus I was really tired. So I didn't handle the situation the best way. We had a pretty nasty argument, but it ended up being resolved.

So here's my advice: the military is all about "hurry up and wait." Things will change without any notice. It'll get frustrating. But just take it as it comes. You can't change it and getting angry will only make things worse.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

10 Things For Military Spouses to Always Remember

My time being associated with the military has taught me a lot. I've seen all sorts of military wives and experienced all sorts of things. Throughout this I've learned some very important things. So I've decided to share them with you. These are things that I feel are very important for any military spouse to remember.

1.) You're more than just a milso. 
It's ok to identify as more than just a military spouse or so-and-so's wife. You have your own identity.  You need your own interests that will keep you busy during those long field trainings and deployments. Don't solely think of yourself as a milso. You'll lose who you are in the process.

2.) You're NEVER alone.
Sometimes it may feel as though you are, but you're not alone. There is always someone who's going through something similar to what you are, you just have to find them. There are facebook pages and your FRG, that are always giving support. I know my followers on my Tumblr are always willing to listen and help.

3.) There are so many resources within your reach. Use them.
There are so many scholarships and grants available for the spouses of servicemen and women, you have access to help finding a job, and so so much more.

4.) Hurry Up and Wait. The motto of the miltary.
The military is known for never doing anything on time, and always changing plans. Just be patient. There's nothing you can do about it.

5.) Be Flexible 
Things are constantly changing in the military. You may be forced to pack up and move on a whim, your spouse may work late, and new training schedules may pop up unannounced. You've just got to learn to be flexible and deal with it.

6.) DEPLOYMENTS END! They may not seem like it, but they do.

7.) Friends and family may not understand what you're going through, but that's ok. 
This can be hard, especially on those who are new to the military lifestyle. You may get told "well you signed up for it". I know I have been multiple times. These comments usually aren't meant to be hurtful.

8.) Embrace every duty station. 
Although your duty station may be less than pleasurable, make the best of it. You may never get the opportunity to visit again. Try local restaurants and visit local museums, hiking trails, etc.

9.) This too shall pass. 
When you hit that bump in the road that you don't think you'll overcome, like in the middle of a deployment, just remember it'll end. Eventually.

10.) A general POA won't cover everything. 
There are tons of different power of attorneys out there. Ones for your cars, banks, and housing. Be sure you have the correct ones. It's better to be over prepared, than under prepared.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Helping Hand

I'm one to always help people. I honestly believe that helping people is my reason for living. I don't do it for recognition or in hopes to get something in return. I do it because I love knowing that when I walk away, the person I helped leaves with something, whether it be a physical item, words of kindness, or just a smile on their face.

So today I went on my couponing escapade, and I saw an older man had set up a little yard sale on a blanket beside the Dollar General I was going into. I went in and bought my items and left. I went to a few other stores, but returned to the store where the man had set up. He had been sitting there all day and he didn't look as though he had sold a thing. I pulled up and parked near where he had been set up. I noticed he was packing up his things into a small shopping cart. I smiled and walked over to him and said "Man, it looks like I've missed your yard sale." He nodded and politely responded  "yes ma'am you have." I smiled at him and said, "Well, I'd still like to give you this."

The man looked down at my hand and smiled and said "thank you so much." I told him he was very welcome and walked into the store. As I can out, the old man was still packing up his things. He smiled a big smile and said, "Have a great night ma'am." I smiled back and waved at him and told him to do the same.

I sat in my car for a minute and watched as the man put the last of his things into his cart and walked away. I felt tears fill my eyes. I knew he hadn't sold much of anything because the things he had most people wouldn't buy. I knew he probably felt discouraged and unwanted as people walked by giving him dirty looks for selling what was probably the only things he had to his name. But I also knew, that I had made his day, just by helping him in the way that he needed. He seemed to walk away with a little more bounce in his step than when I had first arrived. I couldn't give him much, but he seemed ever so grateful for what I had given.

Why do I help people? Because I get to see someone, who most people don't know exists, smile. I get to see their attitude brighten. Be nice to people. You never know what battles they are fighting. One smile could change their whole outlook on life, or possibly even save it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Posts to Come

I'm such a DIYer. If there's something store bought that I can make myself, I usually do. I make my own laundry detergent and softeners, my own cleaners and tons of other things. I'm planning on doing some posts that deal with different DIY projects. So keep your eyes peeled!

Getting Cozy

The past couple of days I've been sick. It seems like I can never catch a break. But it happens. 
I called to make an appointment first thing this morning, and they are completely booked until February 2. So I had to go to the ER on post. The doctor basically told me to suck it up and gave me ibuprofen. So now I'm sitting at home, cuddled up with my puppy, watching Netflix. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

It's A New Year

Everyone has said "It's a new year, new me." But how many people actually stick to that? Not many. So I decided to take this common phrase and new years resolution and make it my own.

I hate my body. I struggled for a long time with an eating disorder. Luckily I have overcome that. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm unhappy with how I look. I hit a rough spot almost a year ago. I lost a baby and went into a depression. I began to overcome that by going to the gym for hours a day. Shortly after I started to feel more like myself and after I started to see a small change, I was in a car accident that hurt my back. I barely able to walk, let alone to my mandatory daily physical activity. So. my body being the type that has to constantly be active, I gained weight.

I look at myself everyday in the mirror and I get sad about it.But I've decided to make a change. I will be eating healthy, cutting out all soda, drinking green smoothies and working out for at least an hour a day, now that I am capable. But it's not a diet. It's a lifestyle.

So here's to a new year with so many new possibilities!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Good News

I just talked to my grandmother and she's doing so much better. She is no longer in the ICU! She's been moved to her own room in the hospital. The doctor says she's made great improvement! Now all she has to do is get her strength up and she'll be able to go home. But that won't be an easy task. She's very weak right now. It's difficult for her to shower on her own (even with the bench in the shower). She said it took all her energy to do so.

But we'll keep praying for her. I have faith that she'll get her strength back.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Back To The Old Grind

After three weeks back home with the family, we made the trip back to our place. It was tough saying bye to everyone, but we're happy to be back. My Granny is doing a lot better than she was but the doctor said she still has a long way to go. So we'll keep praying hard for her.

This whole situation with my Granny has definitely tested my faith in God. I haven't prayed so hard as I have the past few weeks. I've prayed for strength so I could help my family, mainly my dad, through this difficult time. I've prayed for my Granny to gain strength and overall healing. God has showed himself to me so much. He's started healing her, not only physically, but also emotionally. And He's given my so much strength to make it through this and to leave them behind to return to our military lifestyle. And I'm so very thankful for it.

Now, we've began unpacking our things, signed back in from leave, and I'll be reopening my show tomorrow.

I hope you all had a lovely New Year!

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Not So Happy New Year

So my Granny was rushed to the hospital on New Year's eve. She had pneumonia. They said she'd only be in for a couple of days and that she was getting better. Then we get a call that she's been rushed to the ICU. We hurried in to see her. When we left that said she had made drastic improvements and that she should be off her breathing machine soon. We just got a not so happy call from my dad. They had my Granny sign her will today. They said she's getting worse. If anything happens to her, they can't revive her due to her bones being too brittle and frail. 

On top of that, my uncle's wife is crazy and is causing all kinds of problems. It makes me so mad. This isn't the time for this stuff. My granny is laying there dying and all my aunt wants to do is cause problems. And my granny promised me a quilt made by my great-great grandmother and my aunt refuses to allow me to have it. Out of what my granny has, that's the only thing I want. I just want something of hers that I can keep and think of her when I see it.

This has hit me hard. I'm really close to my granny, I always have been. I've been holding the tears in for my dad. I know he's taking it hard but he won't show it. But I know if he sees  me cry, that it'll make it harder on him. So here's to me hoping I can keep it together through all this. 

10 Quotes For Every Military SO

1.) “Find something you are passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.”  Julia Child.

2.) "Live each day like he deploys tomorrow!"

3.) "Love knows not it's own depth until hour of separation."  -Kahill Gibran

4.) "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -A.A, Milne

5.) "Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the dedication of a lifetime." - Adlai Stevenson

6.) "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

7.) "When all else fails, just imagine homecoming." 

8.) "It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger." 

9.) "Distance means so little when someone means so much." 

10.) "True love resists time, distance and silence."