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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Late Night

As an army wife I've experienced a lot of frustration. Last night was definitely one of those nights. Cody has been working a noon to midnight shift. He doesn't have his license (it's a long story), so I've been picking him up. It hasn't been too bad. For the most part he's been released on time. Until last night. They had an issue with their bird, and he had to work over... an hour and a half. So for an hour and a half, I sat in the car, waiting on him.

On top of my frustration for having to sit and wait so long after the release time, I've been really sick for about a week. So I was feeling miserable sitting there. Plus I was really tired. So I didn't handle the situation the best way. We had a pretty nasty argument, but it ended up being resolved.

So here's my advice: the military is all about "hurry up and wait." Things will change without any notice. It'll get frustrating. But just take it as it comes. You can't change it and getting angry will only make things worse.

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