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Friday, January 2, 2015

A Not So Happy New Year

So my Granny was rushed to the hospital on New Year's eve. She had pneumonia. They said she'd only be in for a couple of days and that she was getting better. Then we get a call that she's been rushed to the ICU. We hurried in to see her. When we left that said she had made drastic improvements and that she should be off her breathing machine soon. We just got a not so happy call from my dad. They had my Granny sign her will today. They said she's getting worse. If anything happens to her, they can't revive her due to her bones being too brittle and frail. 

On top of that, my uncle's wife is crazy and is causing all kinds of problems. It makes me so mad. This isn't the time for this stuff. My granny is laying there dying and all my aunt wants to do is cause problems. And my granny promised me a quilt made by my great-great grandmother and my aunt refuses to allow me to have it. Out of what my granny has, that's the only thing I want. I just want something of hers that I can keep and think of her when I see it.

This has hit me hard. I'm really close to my granny, I always have been. I've been holding the tears in for my dad. I know he's taking it hard but he won't show it. But I know if he sees  me cry, that it'll make it harder on him. So here's to me hoping I can keep it together through all this. 

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