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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things To Keep In Mind While Getting In Shape

You've decided to take the steps to getting in shape. That's great! Here's a few things  to keep in mind while doing so.

1.) Change is gradual. Stick to it. 

You've been working out for two weeks now and you .only see a little, if any, change. This is normal. Don't get frustrated. It takes time to see a difference. But stick to it! You'll be so glad you did.

2.) Diet is part of getting in shape. 

No you don't have to go out and buy diet pills, in fact I recommend you don't. Just change your eating habits. Cut out the sugary foods and drinks, like soda and cookies, drink plenty of water, and eat healthier. There are tons of websites out there that give you recipes for healthy meals that are super delicious!

3.) It's easier to work out with someone else.

Having someone at the gym to work out with you makes it a million times easier. They will motivate you to push yourself and also help keep your mind off the workout at hand.

4.) Working out can be fun. 

Working out doesn't have to consist of going to the gym and lifting weights. It can actually be fun! There are so many other options out there. You can try Zumba or play basketball. Anything that can keep you active is a good place to start when getting in shape.

5.) The more you stick to it, the more working out will become part of your daily routine. 

Often when a person starts working out, it feels like a chore. But the more you stick to your workout plan, the more it will become a habit of sorts. The days that you don't work out will feel strange. So stick to it!

6.) Don't focus on weight. 

People tend to focus on the number on the scale when they start to work out. DON'T do that. One thing people fail to realize is that, yes at first you will lose weight. But they soon notice they're gaining weight. They then feel like their workout is for nothing, and stop. This increase in weight is muscle being built, which is a good thing. So the number you see when you weight yourself, can be deceiving. So just focus on getting healthy.


This is the most important  thing. If you don't stay positive and say that you can't do it, you won't. You'll stop yourself from reaching your full potential. Believe that you can get in better shape, push yourself and you'll see amazing changes.

8.) Music is a motivator. 

Make an epic playlist just for working out. It'll not only motivate you, but take your mind on the burn of the work out!