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Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm So Excited!

I'll be starting a project soon that involves a book that I have been wanting for so long. I'll finally be getting it. As soon as I start the project, I'll let you all know! So stay tuned! :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

6 Things A Strong Military Couple Does

Military relationships take a special type of person. I often get asked how to survive being married to someone in the military. So here are some things that a strong couple does within their relationship.

1.) Understand the Contract 

Your spouse signed a contract to serve in the military. This means that "the mission comes first." Your spouse can be called away at any moment and you just have to accept it.`A strong military couple has to be able to adjust to whatever situation the military may throw their way. You must learn to adapt and overcome the fact that sometimes the military will take priority over your personal life.

2.) Trust and Faithfulness 

For any relationship this is very very important. There are so many negative stereotypes that accompany military marriages. Time apart is a common thing in military relationships. This can lead to loneliness. Keep true to your spouse. Don't give him or her a reason not to trust you.  Also, strong couples don't go through each other's phones. Once you start digging through each other's phones, all trust goes out the window. The military will put distance between you, so it's important you maintain that trust.

3.) Enjoy Other Interests.

Strong couples know that it's okay to have their own interests. You don't have to do everything together. Let him go out with the guys and you can hang out with the girls.

4.) Don't Become a Social Media Couple. 

We've all seen it. Those couples who have to constantly post about their relationship on Facebook. It's almost like we know what is going on in their lives 24/7. If you have to constantly live on social media telling the world how much you "love" your SO, you probably aren't maturer enough to even be in a real relationship.

5.) Know When to Leave the Military Life at the Door

It's normal for the military life to spill over into your everyday life. But a strong military couple knows that their life isn't ALL ABOUT the military. They know when it's time to leave the boots and uniform at the door and talk about things that matter in their lives.

6.) Don't Compare Your Relationship to Other People's Relationships.

If you start comparing relationships, there will always be a winner or loser. A strong military couple doesn't focus of the relationships of others. They focus on their own and how to make it stronger.

The Truth About Military Relationships

I get asked almost daily what it's like to be married to a man in the military and why on earth I would do it, since we're apart so much. I always give a generic answer like "It's hard at times but I love him." Well here's my real explanation.

Being married to someone in the military has been very difficult at times. This lifestyle has brought with it many ups and downs. We've spent more time apart than we have together. I've cried so many tears and fallen asleep countless nights with only the tears on my pillow to accompany me. I've had scary Skype encounters while my husband was deployed and I've had to move and unpack and entire house by myself.

It hasn't all been bad. The military has offered me the opportunity  to make some great friends, travel and learn new things. It's also taught me that I'm so much stronger than I ever knew I was.

Although it may seem as though the bads outweigh the good, I would never trade this life for anything. You know why? The time we've spent apart is never permanent. Our love is so much stronger than it has ever been. I realize how lucky I am to have such a brave man in my life. And I also know that even though deployments seem to last forever, it's worth it in the end. I get to have my first kiss all over again. And it's the most amazing, magical feeling in the world to be able to walk hand in hand with my husband again after 9 (or more) months apart. To know that I will be waking up next to him every single day.

Military relationships are not for the faint at heart. There will be lonely nights, Skype dates, and goodbyes. But they are also full of love, passion, support, promise, faith and amazing homecomings. If you allow them to, they will teach you so much.