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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Catch Up

Hey everyone! I hope you each had a lovely Christmas. I know I did. I got to see family I hadn't seen in so long. We even had some crazy laughs. My sister got me a Lego onesie that had a connector on the top! It was probably hands down my favorite gift I got. We couldn't stop laughing about it.

On a different, not so happy note, my friend was buried while we've been home. It was rough, but I'm working through it. I also had a close family friend pass away on Christmas day, as well as my grandmother having to stay in the hospital.

But I'm super stoked for New Years! I'll be spending it with some old friends! What about you all? What are you doing for New Years?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tragedy Hits Close To Home

Today was an absolutely terrible day. On the way to work, a friend of ours died in a car accident. What hurts me the most is the fact I drove past the accident, but never knew it was him. I saw the car, mangled and destroyed, being lifted on the tow truck. I prayed  for the driver as I passed by, not realizing that it was actually someone I knew. And we were supposed to hang out with him before we went home.

When Cody told me, I fell to the ground sobbing. It's so hard to believe that this happened. That the terrible wreck I saw, was the one that killed him. I cried all day, until Cody got off work. I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug. Tragedy makes you realize how lucky you are and how precious life is.

So tonight, just take a moment to call your parents, hold your kids tight and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. You never know what could happen and when they will be gone forever.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Home for the Holidays

I realize that I haven't told you all much about me other than my intro, so I figured I'd let you know some things that are going on in my life.

With Christmas just around the corner, my husband will be taking Holiday Block Leave  (HBL). We will be leaving tomorrow to go home! I'm so excited to see my family and friends, but I'm definitely not looking forward to the 16 hour drive there.

On a happy note, because our anniversary is on the 27th, we'll be stopping in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to rent a cabin for a night. It'll be nice to have a place away from everyone else, in the mountains, just the three of us (Cody, our dog Edmond, and myself).It'll be an early Anniversary gift for Cody, from me. We'll get the chance to see Gatlinburg decorated for Christmas, which I'm super excited about especially since Cody's never been before.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Things to Love About the Holidays

The holidays are here and I can honestly say, this is my absolute favorite time of year. I just love everything about it. So what are the things that I love most about the holidays?


Snow may not be as fun as it once was, when you were a kid and got out of school for the day, but that doesn't mean it's not something to love about this time of year. Snow leaves everything looking beautiful and with it comes a sense of calmness.


What's not to love about sweaters? They're warm and cozy and soft. Basically all around awesome. They can be super cute with lots of patterns and colors or an Ugly Christmas sweater, covered with pompoms, for a party. Either way, sweaters can't be beat.


For many of us, the holidays are the one time of year that we get to see our family.


With the holidays, come beautiful decorations. Not all are store bought though. I'm definitely a DIYer and this time of year lets me bring out my craftiness, whether i be making cookies or ornaments.


November and December is the time that movie studios release their best movies of the year!
Not only that but this is the one time of year where it's acceptable to watch Love Actually and Elf everyday.


Sometimes the Christmas music can become annoying, especially with how early they have begun to play it. But who doesn't love Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You? The catchy song will have you dancing along with it every time it's played.

Friday, December 12, 2014

6 Things Never to Talk About On Military Spouse Pages

Social Media is a big part of today's world. This allows there to be many different "support" groups for military spouses. These groups allow wives in the same area, or sometimes far apart, get to know those that are facing similar issues and understand the difficulty the military can bring within a family. While these groups can be quite helpful, they can also be drama filled. So I've learned what topics you probably shouldn't discuss in these forums.

Pay Day

Don't ask what day your spouses paycheck will come through, even if there is a holiday. Most often this is seen as a "dependa" thing to do, why else would you be asking? Those reading your question and responding rudely don't care that you have bills that are due or that you need to go to the grocery store to feed your family. You know all the things that a responsible spouse would do?


I agree with this one. No one cares what the rank of your spouse is, so what's the point in bringing it up?

Admit that you're human and make mistakes.

The way people act in these groups, you will be thrown under the bus and told you're a terrible wife and mother. After all, we're never meant to make mistakes, right?

Your Opinion

Never state your opinion in these groups, regardless of the topic. There will always be someone who disagrees with you, and will try to start all kinds of drama.

Marital Issues

Be sure never to say that you are having issues with your marriage. You're with a military man and he's "protecting your country. Why can't you be happy with him?" Or perhaps "you'll cause problems that he can take on the front line."

Anything Name Brand

It doesn't matter if it's name brand shoes or a purse, never talk about it. You'll be accused of being a "dependa" despite the fact you saved up all year to buy it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

25 Things Military Spouses Learn While Their Significant Other is Deployed

Every military spouse who has experienced deployment has learned a vast number of things. Here are what some spouses say were the biggest things they learned.

  1. "I learned how to be patient. Obviously with deployment you have to wait for your husband to come home."
  2. "While my husband was deployed, I learned not to take the little things for granted, like a five minute phone call. You never know when you'll be able to talk again."
  3. "I learned that things that may seem minor while they're home, become big things during deployment. I can't remember how many times I got a short email or Facebook message that simply said I'm ok. I love you."
  4. "You never realize how strong you are until you have no choice but to be."
  5. "You learn that it's okay to cry. It doesn't mean you're weak, it means you're human."
  6. "Murphy's Law will definitely take effect. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. But it's ok. You'll make it through it."
  7. "I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be."
  8. "I found my independent side that I forgot I had." 
  9. "I found that to keep myself sane, I have to rely on God. He will bring you through it." 
  10. "How to not only do the jobs a mother would do, but also the jobs a daddy would. I learned how to do yard work and do car repairs." 
  11. "That the distance and stress of deployment can make or break you. You have to allow it to strengthen your relationship. Focus on the good, not the bad. Remember, they miss you as much as you miss them."
  12. "I learned that in order for me to make it through the deployment, I needed to have a close knit group of friends and family. They helped me through so much."
  13.  "The time may seem to be going by slowly, but before you know it you'll look back and think Man, it's been that long already?"
  14. "I learned how much my family relies on my husband to do things. I've realized how blessed I am to have him in my life. I've learned how to appreciate the little things he does for us."
  15. " I learned to be patient. Not only with waiting for my husband to come back, but with my friends and family. They try to understand, but they don't because they've never been through it." 
  16. "The second he leaves, all hell breaks loose. But that's ok. I know I can handle it."
  17. "It's ok to cry! It doesn't mean you're not strong. It means you care." 
  18. "I've learned to draw near to God and focus on my relationship with Him. He will help you through it." 
  19. "Take advantage of the time apart. Go back to school, start a new work out, run a marathon. Just set goals for yourself. It'll help the time pass more quickly."
  20. "Homecoming is the most amazing day you'll ever experience."
  21. "The first time I saw him after deployment, all the problems I had experienced went away."
  22. "The day I saw his formation walk out onto the field after 10 months apart, I realized how lucky I am to have such an amazing man."
  23. "The first kiss is the greatest feeling in the world."
  24. "The hours leading up to homecoming are the most anxiety filled I experienced. But I couldn't have been happier."
  25. "The first kiss and hug after 9 months apart made all the distance and lonely nights worth it. He was finally home to me."

What are some things you learned while your loved one was deployed?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things To Keep In Mind While Getting In Shape

You've decided to take the steps to getting in shape. That's great! Here's a few things  to keep in mind while doing so.

1.) Change is gradual. Stick to it. 

You've been working out for two weeks now and you .only see a little, if any, change. This is normal. Don't get frustrated. It takes time to see a difference. But stick to it! You'll be so glad you did.

2.) Diet is part of getting in shape. 

No you don't have to go out and buy diet pills, in fact I recommend you don't. Just change your eating habits. Cut out the sugary foods and drinks, like soda and cookies, drink plenty of water, and eat healthier. There are tons of websites out there that give you recipes for healthy meals that are super delicious!

3.) It's easier to work out with someone else.

Having someone at the gym to work out with you makes it a million times easier. They will motivate you to push yourself and also help keep your mind off the workout at hand.

4.) Working out can be fun. 

Working out doesn't have to consist of going to the gym and lifting weights. It can actually be fun! There are so many other options out there. You can try Zumba or play basketball. Anything that can keep you active is a good place to start when getting in shape.

5.) The more you stick to it, the more working out will become part of your daily routine. 

Often when a person starts working out, it feels like a chore. But the more you stick to your workout plan, the more it will become a habit of sorts. The days that you don't work out will feel strange. So stick to it!

6.) Don't focus on weight. 

People tend to focus on the number on the scale when they start to work out. DON'T do that. One thing people fail to realize is that, yes at first you will lose weight. But they soon notice they're gaining weight. They then feel like their workout is for nothing, and stop. This increase in weight is muscle being built, which is a good thing. So the number you see when you weight yourself, can be deceiving. So just focus on getting healthy.


This is the most important  thing. If you don't stay positive and say that you can't do it, you won't. You'll stop yourself from reaching your full potential. Believe that you can get in better shape, push yourself and you'll see amazing changes.

8.) Music is a motivator. 

Make an epic playlist just for working out. It'll not only motivate you, but take your mind on the burn of the work out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time To Prepare for D Day: Deployment Day

Deployment is just around the corner and there is so much to do to prepare for it. Whether it's your first or thirtieth deployment, it can all be overwhelming. It's very easy to forget some of the most important things. So I've compiled a list of what I feel are the most important things to do before your spouse deploys.

1.) Prepare important documents.

Be sure that you get your spouses Power Of Attorney (POA) and will updated. I know it may be difficult to think about something happening to your spouse, but it's very important that these are up to date. If something were to happen to you while your spouse was away, who would take care of your children and pets? Who else would you like to be able to pick up your children from school or take them to the doctor, in the event that you are unable to? POAs can be for specific things or a general POA. Be sure you have a POA that allows you to do things for your husband and that someone you TRUST has a POA to do things for you.

2.) Get a passport. 

It's super important that you have a valid passport. In the event that something happens to your spouse, chances are they will first be flown to an overseas hospital. So having a passport will allow you to join them.

3.) Discuss finances.

Deployment brings in extra, untaxed money. So it's important to discuss what will be done with the extra money. Will you use it to pay off debts? Or will it be saved up for a trip when your spouse gets back? Or maybe you'll use the extra money to  buy a new car? Be sure to discuss this with your spouse and come to an agreement, before he or she ever leaves.

4.) Get Red Cross information.

I, personally, feel this is the most important thing to do. You need to get your spouses Red Cross information. This is the information that is given to families of those deploying, that allows contact in case of an emergency. Most of the time, the military will NOT allow a your spouse to return home under any circumstance, without being contacted by Red Cross. Keep this someplace where you ALWAYS know where it is. I like to keep a copy on the fridge, in my purse, and on my phone. That way it's always around.

5.) Stay in the know.

Figure out who your spouses chain of command is and become familiar with the FRG. These are your two best sources of information. The FRG will keep you updated on what's going on throughout deployment and they will also give you the homecoming date, time and location.

6.) Build your support system. 

Deployment will have it's ups and downs. It's always hard to be away from your spouse, especially for an extended period of time. So it's important to build your support system. The FRG will give you a support system of others who are going through the same thing as you. Keep your family and friends close. Who else can make you smile and laugh when you feel like crying, better than those who have known you the longest?

7.) Keep everyone updated. 

Your spouses friends and family will want to know what;s going on during the deployment. They may ask what your spouse needs or what they can contribute to a care package. Be sure to keep them updated. But remember OPSEC! You don't want to endanger your spouse or those he or she is with by giving out exact locations and troop movements.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

7 Habits You Need To Break Before Getting Married

So many people are getting married young these days. I, myself, was one of them. Throughout the journey I've learned some very important things from mistakes I've made and those around me as well. Often times, people are too immature to get married and have many many habits that need to be broken. So here's a list of what I feel are the most important habits to break before tying the knot.

1.) Facebook Posting

This could start out innocent enough. Posting pictures of you and your spouse being happy together. But this can change with arguments. Many people tend to turn to social media while fighting with a spouse and they blow it out of proportion. This can cause later issues after the initial argument has been resolved.

Also, don't be the couple who feels the desire to constantly update every detail of your life. Don't feel as though it has to be posted on Facebook for your relationship to be legitimate.

2.) Laziness

Doing your part and stepping up and doing something is a very important part to any relationship. You can't show her how much you appreciate her, by making her do everything herself.

3.) Depending on Mommy and Daddy

Once you get married, you need to realize that your parents no longer have to take care of you. You can't expect your parents to always give you everything. Learn to take care of yourself. If you're old enough to get married, you're old enough to not depend on your parents.

4.) Self- Importance

Once you finally realize that you're not the only person on earth, it'll help you comprise on things. Marriage is about putting someone's needs before your own.

5.) Get Over Your Ex

How do you expect to devote yourself completely to one person if you are unable to let go of your ex? Quit worrying about every little thing he or she is doing. Pay attention to your fiance'.

6.) Snooping.

STOP. Seriously. Marriage should be built on trust. If you have to snoop through his phone or emails, you obviously don't trust him and you probably shouldn't be getting married. Jealousy just causes more problems. So whatever has happened to you in past relationships, let it go.

7.) Lying

People lie becuase they want to hide something or "stay out of trouble." But the reality of the matter is, lying causes so many more problems and fixes absolutely nothing. Honesty is very important in a marriage, so why would you want to build it on nothing but lies? Eventually the truth does come out.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Fall is just around the corner and I don't know about you all, but my Autumn is my favorite season! There's just something about the leaves changing colors and the cool, crispness of the wind. So here's a bucket list of things to do this fall!

  1. Make a leaf pile and jump in it! 
  2. Make hot cider and cuddle under a blanket.
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch and find the perfect pumpkin.
  4. Pick apples at an orchard.
  5. Carve silly (or scary) faces on pumpkins. 
  6. Make s'mores. 
  7. Make and eat caramel apples.
  8. Have a scary movie marathon!
  9. Find the perfect Halloween costume.
  10. Go to a haunted house.
  11. Take a nature walk or go hiking (bring a camera!)
  12. Go on a hay ride.
  13. Drink pumpkin coffee. 
  14. Make pumpkin bread.
  15. Make pumpkin pie.
  16. Make pumpkin cookies. 
  17. Go to a fall festival/fair. 
  18. Have or attend a Halloween costume party. 
  19. Go to a corn maze.
  20. Tailgating! 
  21. Attend a local football game. 
  22. Family Pictures! 
  23. Buy fall scented candles. 
  24. Watch Hocus Pocus. 
  25. Make Halloween Cookies. 
  26. Go to Six Flag's Fright Fest. 
  27. Have a bonfire! 
  28. Play flag football.
  29. Decorate for Halloween.
  30. Decorate for Thanksgiving. 
  31. Leaf crafts!
  32. Roast and eat pumpkin seeds. 
  33. Visit a sculpture park. 
  34. Grab a blanket and cider and cuddle under the stars. 
  35. Trick-or-Treat
  36. Tell ghost stories. 
  37. Take a drive along back roads and enjoy the fall scenery.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Advantages Of Shopping At The Commissary

Many of you  know the advantages of shopping at the commissary, but many of you may not, especially if you live off post. So I thought I'd compile a list of the advantages of shopping at your local military commissary!

1.) Cheaper Prices 

I'm sure most of you know that the commissary offers cheaper prices than most local grocery stores.

2.) A Wide Variety Of Products. 

The commissary sells many international foods and other products. There are shampoos, drinks and soaps from all over the world such as Germany, Korea and Japan. This offers a great opportunity to try new foods (especially if you'll be moving to one of those countries) or have food from a place that you once lived.

3.) Coupons!! 

I'm an avid couponer so this is great for me! Not only do you get  low prices, but you also have military only coupons that can only be uses at the PX and Commissary. The Commissary also has a rewards card. This allows you to save coupons right to the card for check out. The card will be scanned and the coupons will automatically be taken off.

4.) Priority Check Out Lines

These lines give uniformed personnel priority during lunch time. This gives them plenty of time  to return to work from their lunch break.

I hope these have given you some reason to give the commissary a try!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Easy Ways To Save Money

With today's economy we're all looking for ways to save money. Sometimes things are obvious, like don't go out to eat all the time or don't buy things you don't need. But sometimes things that you don't think about, is what will save you the most. So here's a list of ways to help save you money.

1.) Cut out cable or satellite. 

This can cost you anywhere from $50-$100 a month. So you can get rid of it and stick to Netflix and Hulu.

2.) Turn out lights when you aren't using them. 

During the day, open the curtains up and let the sunlight be your lighting. It's not only good for you, but it cuts down on energy costs as well. Replace light bulbs in your house, with energy efficient ones.

3.) Hang up a clothesline or use a drying rack. 

Your dryer is one of the most energy sucking things in your household. So put up a clothesline, indoors or out, and let your clothes air dry. Let use of the dryer, means more money in your pocket.

4.) Hand wash your dishes. 

The dishwasher also uses a lot of electric to run, so cut down on using it. Hand wash your dishes as you go, not only will you have more dishes in your cabinet throughout the week, but your electric bill will also go down.

5.) Plan out your meals in advance. 

Believe it or not, this will cut down how much money you spend at  the grocery store. Make a list of everything you need for each meal and buy only those items when you go to the store. No more clearing the shelves because you went grocery shopping while hungry.

6.) Get rid of land line phones if you have cell phones. 

Why pay extra to have a phone you barely use anyway.

7.) Budget your money and stick to it. 

8.) Save 10% of your pay and leave it alone. 

Put it in a savings account that you won't touch. It's always good to have money to fall back on in case of an emergency.

9.) Pay off your credit card each month. 

Don't just pay the minimal payment, pay it off if you can, if not, pay as much as you're able to. The interest rate is ridiculously high on credit cards.

10.) Use cash to pay for everything.

This keeps you from running up your credit card bill or over drafting your bank account.

11.) Buy fruit and veggies instead of junk food. 

If you go to the store and buy bananas, they are about 4 times cheaper than buying a bag of chips. Not only will this help you save money, but it'll help you be healthy too!

12 Things Not To Say To A Military Spouse

We've all been there. You're spouse is deployed and those around you just don't understand what this time entails. We've all had the stupidest things said to us. So I've compiled a list of 12 things that should NEVER be said to any military spouse.

12.) Now you can do whatever you want.

First of all, my husband doesn't keep me from doing anything I want to do. If there's something that he doesn't like me doing, there's probably a reason and I shouldn't do it when he's not here either.

11.) Quit whining, it's only 9 months. 

This absolutely grinds my gears. It's only nine months? When you go nine months without your husband, with limited communication and the fear he may not make it home, then we can talk.

10.) He'll be back before you know it. 

This has been said to me on the day my husband has left. Yeah... Nine months is before I know it... not. Even if you keep busy, it's still a long time to be apart.

9.) Where exactly is he?

I can't tell you that. It's called OPSEC. I'd rather my husband and those he's with, make it home safe and sound. Not hinder that in order to feed your curiosity.

8.) I totally understand how you feel. I hate when my husband leaves for the weekend. 

No. Just no. A weekend? That's 2-3 days apart that your husband will be staying in a safe hotel or house. My husband leaves for 9 months at a time, staying in a war zone. That's roughly 270 days apart. That's not even remotely close to the same thing. So you don't understand, so please don't say you do.

7.) At least he's making a ton of money!

First of all, yes he's making more money but it's not a ton of money. No amount of money could replace how I'd feel to have my husband at home, safe and sound.

6.) At least you can Skype! You'll be fine. 

I don't think people understand that the internet our troops have while deployed absolutely sucks. So most of the time you stare at a pixelated picture of your spouse. And Skype doesn't come close to actual physical contact.

5.) Aren't you afraid he'll cheat? 

No! Absolutely not! My marriage is built on trust. If you don't trust your spouse to be away from you, maybe you shouldn't be together.

4.) Is it hard to be faithful? I couldn't go without sex for that long.

If that's all you're thinking about, maybe your marriage relies on the wrong things. It's not difficult whatsoever. I love my husband way too much to do that to him.

3.) Don't you miss him? 

YES! Of course I do. What kind of question is that?

2.) Aren't you afraid he'll die?

This is probably the dumbest question I've ever been asked. That is the biggest fear of any military spouse. We don't need to reminded of it.

1.) I don't see how you do it. I never could.

And that's why you never will. It takes a strong person to do what I do. To stay faithful and unconditionally love someone who has to leave for months on end. But you will also never understand how rewarding it is and how strong my marriage is because of it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Deployment Bucket List

While our spouses are deployed, we always want to make the time apart pass as quickly as possible.  I've learned that if you have a list of things to do, in mind, it'll help make the months pass more quickly. So here's a list of things that you can add to your deployment bucket list. 

1.) Take a road trip. 

Take a trip with some friends or family, not only will it keep you busy and keep your mind off the deployment, it'll be fun! 

2.) Train for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. 

This will give you a goal to work towards while your spouse is deployed. It'll be sure to keep you busy and you'll also get in shape! Imagine how accomplished you'll feel after you complete the run!

3.) Start a large craft project.

Is there a project that you've been wanting to do but just haven't gotten around to it? Well your spouse is deployed, so why not do it now? It'll keep you busy, it'll be fun and you finally get to do the project you haven't had time to do.

4.) Clean out the attic, garage or basement.

This will definitely be a time consumer, but that's good. You can finally clear out all the clutter that has taken over. Take time to get things organized and decide what to keep, donate and throw out. After all, cleaning has been proven to relieve stress. 

5.) Volunteer. 

Whether it be at the local soup kitchen, the VA hospital or Big Brothers, Big Sisters, volunteering will give you something to do on a regular basis. Not only will you be able to have fun, but you will also be able to help those who really need it. You may even stick to it after the deployment is over.  

6.) Read at least one book a month.

Maybe there's a series you've been wanting to start or even reread, well now's your chance :)

7.) Get more involved on base. 

Become more active in your FRG and more involved in the activities that take place on base. You'll be surprised how much fun you'll have and the friends you'll make. 

8.) Send at least one package a month. 

You'll have fun decorating each package. Your spouse will be so happy to receive the cute packages you've made him or her and will be especially appreciative of any food you may send.

9.) Learn to cook new foods. 

Find some recipes that you've never cooked before and try them out. You may find a lot of things you love, that you just haven't tried yet. Plus you can cook them for your spouse when he or she returns home. 

10.) Pay off debts.

While your spouse is deployed , there will be a slight increase in pay and it will be untaxed. This allows for a great opportunity to pay off some (or all) debts that have been accumulated. 

11.) Further your education.

Take some classes at the local community college. It'll help you work towards your degree and will also give you things to do to take up your time. 

12.) Save up money.

Now is a great time to save up money for a trip, a new car or maybe even a house. 

13.) Take yoga classes. 

You may end up loving it! Plus it'll help you get (or stay) in shape. 

I hope that you've enjoyed this list of ideas and that you are able to add them to your own bucket list. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Carepackage Ideas

Here's a list of my favorite carepackages that you can send to someone deployed. They're fun and creative! Keep in mind when it's time for someone to return home from deployment, they can't bring a lot of items back.

1.) Life back home. 

This package is a great way to remind the deployed person back home. You can decorate the box with pictures of your kids doing daily activities like brushing their teeth, watching tv, getting ready for bed. You can include a plastic bag filled with lawn clippings (you'd be surprised how much they miss the smell of grass), one of your child's shirts, pressed flowers, dryer sheets to make their room smell fresh (I'd recommend putting the box in a ziplock bag, the smell can be overwhelming), a pillow case with your perfume on it (you CANNOT send bottles of perfume in the mail).

2.) Hang In There

In case you can't guess by the title, this is a monkey themed package! Decorate the box with monkeys and bananas. Include a monkey stuffed animal, banana chips, banana flavored candies, banana bread in a jar, monkeys in a barrel, a deck of monkey card, and any other monkey themed item you wish to include.

3.) Birthday Party! 

Is your deployed person's birthday coming up? Make a birthday themed package! Include confetti, confetti poppers, balloons that they can blow up, party hats, noise makers, cake in a jar, pictures, a birthday card, a disposable camera so they can take pictures of their "party," party favors, and a gift for them.

4.) Superhero

Make a superhero themed package. Include comics, superhero movies, little figurines, superhero cups and napkins, snacks, superhero coloring pages.

5.)  Disney 

This was my husband's favorite. Include Disney movies, Disney soundtrack CD's, Disney stickers, small Disney stuffed animals, Disney figurines, Disney fruit snacks, microwave popcorn, candy.

6.) Movie Night

You can decorate it with movie reels and ticket stubs. Include DVDs, microwave popcorn, candy (be careful with chocolate, it could melt. If you send it, put the chocolate in a plastic ziplock baggie.), drink mixes, snack crackers, fruit snacks, popcorn seasoning.

7.) Season Pass 

Send a baseball cap with his favorite team, recordings of the games he's missed, baseball cards, peanuts, a mini baseball bat, mini basketball and hoop set (the ones the hook on the door), chips, snack foods.

8.) Sand Storm Survival Kit

Include: eye drops, Q tips, lotion, chapstick, baby wipes, nasal spray, instant coffee, clean socks, lens cloths, clean sheets, dryer sheets, foot powder, foot soaks, large ziplock bags for foot soak, nail clippers, boot inserts

9.) Deployment Food Survival Kit

Napkins, plastic silverware, salt and pepper packets, ketchup and mustard packets, seasonings, BBQ sauce, ranch, small plastic bowls, mayo packets.

10.) Hygiene In A Box

Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, aftershave, toilet paper, shaving cream, razor refills, shower shoes, towels, wash cloth. Put the liquids in plastic bags in case they leak.

11.) Correspondence Box 

Envelopes, pens, paper, disposable camera, address book (filled out already), stickers, markers, colored pencils.

12.) Makes Me Feel Like A Kid Again

Coloring books, colored pencils, cards, small games, play dough, action figures, squirt guns, nerf guns and extra darts, little toys, silly putty.

13.) It's A Boy/Girl! 

Decorate it with pink/blue, gender reveal card, candy pacifiers, candy cigars, stuffed animal, baby wipes, sour patch kids, sugar babies, cheerios, pink/blue drink mix.

14.) Easter 

Fill it with candy, little Easter toys. When I sent this to my husband, I decorated it with Easter stickers and filled it with Easter grass. Fill plastic eggs with little gifts and hide them in the grass.

15.) Thanksgiving in a box

Decorate with fall colors and turkey. Fill with canned turkey, instant mashed potatoes, instant stuffing, canned corn, canned green beans, gravy in a jar, apple or pumpkin pie, cookies, microwave rice, Apple Cider mix, turkey jerky, homemade bread and candy corn. You can create a "why we're thankful for you" book. Include a video of everyone wishing him/her a happy Thanksgiving, your children's hand turkeys.

16.)  Christmas 

Christmas lights, Santa hat, stuffed reindeer, non glass cinnamon scented candles (they can't burn it but they can still enjoy the smell), fake snow, a small fake tree with little ornaments, small wrapped Christmas gifts, Christmas cards addressed to his or her family for him or her to write in, jingle bells, Christmas CD's, Christmas DVD's, Cookies, candy canes, hot cocoa or cider mix.

17.) Fourth Of July Package

Uncle Sam hat, small US flags, confetti poppers, USA shirt, glow sticks, Red, White, Blue Twizzlers, portable fan and batteries, patriotic card, video of fireworks, red, white, blue rice crispie treats, patriotic plastic necklaces, wet wipes, cracker jacks, patriotic trinkets.

18.) Valentine's Day Package

Sweetheart candies, heart shaped cookies, a stuffed animal, pictures of you both together, Valentine's cards from your children, Valentine's card from you, little heart containers filled with little candies, Valentine's trinket toys, cake in a jar, 52 reasons why I Love You, Jar of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.

6 Things To Help You Survive Your Spouse's Deployment

1.) Keep yourself busy.

The more you do, the quicker the time apart will pass. So hang out with your friends, start a new hobby or maybe go to the gym. It'll help you stay busy. Plus, you can surprise your husband with the changes a routine work out can make!


I repeat COMMUNICATION IS KEY. This is a very cliche thing to be told, but it's true. While your spouse is deployed, be sure you remain honest with each other. Keep them up to date with the things that you have going on in your life, even if you had a terrible day. It helps them feel like they're still part of the life back home. A Sergeant First Class once told my husbands unit "A soldier doesn't age on deployment. They do the same thing everyday for 9 months. Nothing changes. But the world doesn't stop back home. Life goes on and is always changing." So be sure to keep that in mind. If you don't tell your spouse things that happen while they're away, they'll learn within the first month of returning home, which can make it very overwhelming. So tell him or her that you miss them and share with them about your day, week, or month.

3.) Send each other pictures. 

This simple gesture helps so much. You get to see each other throughout the months apart. One picture can make the distance seem a little less far and can bring a smile to your face, on the worst days.

4.) Don't hold in frustration or sadness. 

You've probably been told "don't bother him when your angry or sad. It'll distract him from what he's doing there." This isn't true. You need to tell him when your sad, when you feel like you just can't take it anymore. And when you're angry or frustrated. If you bottle it all up because you want to "protect him," you'll end up exploding. You could take it all out on him, causing more problems than it's worth. Or maybe even your friends and family. So talk to your significant other about what's bothering you. It'll help. I promise.

5.) Remember he misses you just as much as you miss him. 

This is a very important thing to remember. Sometimes the distance can take it's toll on you. It'll feel like you can't do it anymore. And sometimes, you feel like you're alone, that no one understands. That's not true. It's easy to forget that while you're apart, he misses you just as much as you miss him and that the deployment is just as hard on him, if not harder.

6.) Keep your chin up, it'll all be over soon. 

You may be reading this on the first day of deployment and thinking to yourself "I still have 9 months to go. That's not soon." But if you take a moment and think about it, it really isn't that long. You want to spend the rest of your life with him right? Well 9 months seems so small, compared to 50 years. So keep your head high. Remember you're strong and you WILL make it through this.

I hope these tips help you through this deployment, or any that you may face in the future. Just stay positive. Don't worry yourself with the "what if's" or you'll drive yourself nuts.

10 Things Only A Military Wife Would Understand

1.) Keep your family and friends close, no matter how many miles are between you. 

Being a military wife, you will face many obstacles that could be difficult to handle on your own. Obstacles such as deployment, can leave you feeling alone. This is where your friends and family come in. They will be there for those late night calls, when you can't stand sleeping alone anymore and the world feels like it's crashing down on you. Your friends will help the time pass more quickly, by keeping you busy with girls' nights and lots of laughs!

2.) Sleeping with the ringer on high and your phone laying next to you. 

You've taught yourself that your phone's ringer must ALWAYS be on high while your husband is deployed. If you turn your phone on vibrate for a second, that will be the second he calls and you don't hear it. A missed call can crush the mood of your entire day. Especially when those calls are few.

3.) Always write addresses in pencil.

You'll make friends at each base you go to. You'll want to keep in touch with those closest to you. But you know that they will move multiple times, just as you will.

4.) There are no goodbyes, only see you laters. 

The Army may move you and your family away from those that you've grown close to but that doesn't mean that you'll never see them again. Often times families can be restationed together later on down the road. You've learned that even if you aren't stationed together, you and your friends will stay in touch and many times you'll arrange to see each other. You can meet in the middle or take turns going to each other's house.

5.) It's okay to cry.

You've been told your entire life that crying is a sign of weakness. That IS NOT true. Sometimes the stress of military life, or life in general, can be too much. Crying is a release. You've learned that it makes you feel better. Holding it in only leaves you hurting more.

6.) Homecomings are the happiest days of your life.

You've both survived the deployment. You've experienced the tears, pain and loneliness that accompanies the time apart. Your husband has finally made it home, safe and sound. The first kiss at homecoming is magical, just like the first kiss you two ever shared. Now you finally get to walk away, holding the hand of your husband. No more nights alone. No more skype calls. You get to  be together again.

7.) You've learned to pack your entire house on short notice. 

Your husband has just now gotten his orders and it's time to PCS. You've learned through your many moves how to pack quickly, where to get free boxes and just what all you can take with you and what you need to sell.

8.) Having to explain the many acronyms of the military to your non-military affiliated friends and family.

While talking to your friends and family about your life, you have to explain what PCS, MOS and NTC. You bring them up, forgetting that your friends don't know what they mean. You've gotten so used to talking to the other spouses around base and your husband, that you forget not everyone knows what the acronyms means. 

9.) The pain of going through the gate to get on base. 

You know the pain of the long lines of cars that are waiting to make it through  the main gate. The line that gets held up by those without military IDs trying to get on base and being turned around to get a visitors pass. Or new people to post asking for directions to the PX or Commissary.

10.) You never ever shop at the Commissary on payday. 

The amount of people who shop at the commissary on payday is outrageous. The lines are ridiculous and trying to maneuver down the aisles is almost impossible.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hello My Lovelies!

My name is Scarlett. I'm 20 years old and the wife of a soldier.

 We have a furbaby named Edmond! He's our hyper little chihuahua. You could definitely say that he keeps our life rather interesting.

Cody, my husband, and I are always having fun and laughing together. We like to live life to the fullest! We love to travel and make as many memories as we can.

We currently are stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia. I'm not a big fan of living here, but I've learned how to make the best of it. We are preparing to receive new orders to PCS elsewhere. Hopefully Germany!

On this blog I will give insights on how to remain positive throughout the hectic life of being married to someone in the military, some fun DIY activities, and so so much more! So be sure to come back and read the upcoming posts!

I hope you all have an amazing day! Stay Strong and Keep Smiling!