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Friday, July 31, 2015

Even More Carepackage Ideas

I've had many people ask me for more care package ideas. So here are some more! You can also view Carepackage Ideas and 10 More Carepackage Ideas for more. 
  • Box of Sunshine: All things yellow. Cover the box in yellow paper and suns. Put in yellow candy, toys, chips (ex: Lays), etc.
  • Halloween: Fill with Halloween candy, masks, glow sticks, Halloween toys, a card. Decorate with fake spider webs and spider rings, or ghosts, or jack o lanterns. 
  • Hi Daddy/Mommy: Have the kids help decorate. Include homemade cards, drawings, foot prints, pictures, a card/toy with the kids voices recorded or a video. 
  • Cold Weather Comforts: Include a blanket, thermal socks, thermal underwear (for your so to sleep in), hot cocoa mix, hot apple cider mix, a travel coffee mug, microwavable brownie bowls, microwavable soup, new pt cap
  • Energy Boost: Include energy drinks (put them in a ziplock bag in case they leak or burst), instant coffee, protein bars, etc.
  • Blue without You: Include everything with blue packaging. Examples: Red Vines, blue Monster, etc. Decorate with blue paper and write a note on the flaps.
  • St. Patrick's Day: Include green bead necklaces, green sour straws, green gum, Irish Spring deodorant, and other green packaged items. 
  • Orange Ya Glad _______: Include all things orange. Example: Orange slice candy, Reeses Cups, Goldfish Crackers, etc. Decorate the box with orange. 
  • Starbucks Package: Include reusable Starbucks mug, Starbucks instant Coffee, Packaged cookies from Starbucks, etc.
  • Space Travel: Decorate with stars, planets, moons, galaxies, etc. Include in it: glow in the dark stars, homemade galaxy slime, Mars bars, Milky Ways, Starburst, Orbit gum, star shaped candy and cookies.
  • Harry Potter Theme: Include a toy wand, the Harry Potter movies and/or books, Harry Potter theme candy, and any other Harry Potter themed items. Decorate with the spells from the books, etc. 
  • Murder Mystery: Include copies of Cold Case, NCIS, CSI, Bones, crime novels, any criminal movies, handcuffs (toy or chocolate) 

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