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Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 More Carepackage Ideas

When you're loved one is deployed, you want to be sure they have as much of home as possible. My previous post CarePackage Ideas gave tons of unique ideas of what to put into carepackages to send your loved ones. In case  you have used all the previous, here are some more ideas!!

1.) Night At The Pizzeria 

This is a great package to remind them of home. Include pizza themed items such as parmasean packets (like you get with pizza at restaurants),pizza flavored combos, pizza pringles, and non regrigerated microwave pastas/sandwiches. You can decorate the box with pizza stickers!

2.) Movie Night

This is one of my favorite carepackages to send. It allows your loved one to escape for just a little bit. Include: Movies on a flashdrive/harddrive or DVDs, popcorn (prepopped or microvable), popcorn seasonings, and small boxes or packages of candy. You could decorate the box with different movie and film themed stickers or print out movie posters and glue them on the package.

3.) Star Wars 

Is your spouse a Star Wars fan? This is the perfect package for them! Include the star wars movies, glow sticks, collapsible light sabers, cookies (come to the dark side, we have cookies!), and any other Star Wars trinkets you wish to include.

4.) Taste of Home

Include homemade cookies, fudge, breads, cake in a jar and any other homemade goodies that will survive the trip over. Be sure to wrap every item very well!

5.) Warm Night

Include a blanket, hand warmers,microwave soup, thick socks, a new PT cap (to sleep in), and hot cocoa mix.

6.) Under the Sea

This is a fun package to send. Include goldfish snacks, sweedish fish, go fish card game, fishing game, candy octopus, Little Mermaid  movie, JAWS movie, and small toy fish, jellyfish, octopus, etc.

7.) Game Night 

Include cards, board games, and electronic (handheld) games. Also include any other games or snacks that you choose.

8.) A Good Night's Sleep

Include pillows, blanket, ear plugs, sleep masks (the things that cover your eyes while sleeping) and another other sleep related items.

9.) Fright Night

This is a fun package for horror lovers. Include lots and lots of scary movies and popcorn. You can also include red silly putty (for blood) and decorate the package with movie posters for their favorite scary movies.

10.) Date Night

This will be good for those rough nights apart. Include romance movies (or romantic comedies), popcorn, a picture of you all dressed, one of your shirts with you perfume on it, Another cute idea is to send a video of yourself talking to your spouse. It'll be something he or she can watch over and over whenever he or she misses you most .

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