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Friday, February 13, 2015

Advice For New Military Spouses

I've been asked by many people what advice I'd give to a new military spouse. So I decided I'd make a new post just to answer that question!

Make the best of every duty station

Being married to someone in the military brings a lot of opportunities to travel. As an army wife, I've had to live in some less than desirable places. I've always made the best of it. Travel around the area and see the local sites: visit museums, state parks, and local restaurants. Remember that chances are you'll never return there.

Don't compare your duty station to the last one

A great assignment is a blessing but can also cause problems later on if you allow it to. If you leave an amazing duty station for a not so amazing one, don't allow it to ruin your experiences in your new town.

Don't get your hopes up for your next duty station

No one duty station is ever guaranteed. If you set your hopes too high and you don't get the station you wanted, you'll be very let down which can lead to you being miserable.

 Remember your spouse is in the military- not a civilian.

So many times wives get upset that their husbands work late. Your spouse is in the military. They'll work crazy hours, they'll go into the field for weeks at a time, and they'll deploy- often times missing holidays, births of their children and important family events.

Often times when you get comfortable in your new home, it's time to move again. It can be hard to get used to, but it's part of the lifestyle.

Don't believe in the "Dependa" and other stereotypes

Believing in such stereotypes will keep you from befriending those who you don't see as an equal. If you like sporting your favorite "Army Wife" hoodie, then do so. Don't care what other people say or think.

These are just a few bits of advice that I would give a new military spouse. I hope this helped!

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