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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Struggle is Real

The past few weeks have been rough on us. Cody's been working a 12-12 shift (midnight to noon) and we haven't been able to see each other very much. Every night he works later than everyone else, so that cuts into what little time we do have together. On top of that, in the past month, he's had one day off. He even had to go in on his day off. It's definitely causing stress within our marriage. We're both tired of not seeing each other. Sometimes the tension is really high in our house.

On top of not being able to spend time together, Cody's taken on a huge workload at work. Ever since SSGT ______ died, he had to assume his roll. So now he's taken on not only his job, but a job above his pay grade. His stress level is even higher. He is constantly doing something for work and I can tell how much pressure he is under. He was supposed to go to promotion board but they keep giving his bullshit reasons as to why they won't send him. I feel so bad for Cody. He's been working so hard, and no one is acknowledging it. I know he feels highly under-appreciated and that he feels like all this responsibility is for nothing. I wish I could help him.

I tell him often, although it may not be often enough, that I am so very proud of him and what he  does. I'm proud to be married to him and to be able to take this long journey with him, through the ups and downs. I just really wish there was something I could do...

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