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Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Little Coffee Shop

While we were home for Christmas, Cody bought me a really nice espresso maker with a built in frother. I've always been a coffee lover, but now I'm an addict. We no longer go out for coffee, because I make us cappuccinos and lattes at home. Well, I decided our kitchen needed a coffee station. Since we have a very small kitchen, I decided to clean off an area on our counter and devote it solely to coffee making. 

Our coffee station consists of our coffee beans, coffee grinder, espresso maker, frothing pitcher, espresso and cappuccino glasses, our flavorings, K cup machine and K cups. I'm working on some decorations for the walls around it. I can't wait until it's finished! I'll be sure to post pictures when I have everything set up and pretty. 

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