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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shots Fired!

There have been storms pounding our country over the past few weeks. A couple of days ago a really bad one came through here. Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely hate storms.

Cody decided we'd watch a movie to help get my mind off the storm. It worked! At least for a little bit. All of a sudden we heard an extremely loud bang and pop (no it wasn't thunder) and a bright flash. We both jumped up, terrified. It seriously sounded like an explosion. Cody later told me he thought it was a bomb or some sort of explosion. I had thought it sounded like a loud gunshot.

We looked around the inside of the house making sure the source of the explosion wasn't inside. It wasn't. We went outside and our neighbor came out with her son and drove over. She was terrified too. None of us knew what happened. She had seen a ball of fire right after the explosion.

Turns out two trees in our back yard got struck by lightning. Most of the storm had passed when we discovered it. You could smell the burning of the tree. Luckily, nothing caught fire. But regardless, it
 was a terrifying situation. And that's the reason I hate storms.

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