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Friday, November 20, 2015

Just An Afternoon Vent

Have you ever just hated the way your life is going? Or felt like no matter what you do, things just never seem to get better? Well, I'm at that point right now. It's been an awful week. I got some bad news and am currently waiting to see the outcome of it. Plus, I just got told Cody will be working on Thanksgiving. We had plans for the holiday and as well as Black Friday ( I was going to do some Christmas shopping). But now those have been thrown out the window.

It irritates me because they chose him to do it, instead of a single soldier. None of the single soldier's have plans for Thanksgiving, but they choose a married soldier who does. This kinda thing always happens to us. Always. Cody always gets screwed over, thanks to his stupid, spiteful chain of command.

It's times like this that I wish he had never reenlisted. Work will always come before anything, while he's in. And that is a super crappy feeling. I know we'll never be able to have a normal, happy life until we are no longer military affiliated. That's still so far away.

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