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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm Blessed

Throughout my entire life I’ve heard people talk about how God has financially blessed them, but I never understood how that made sense. That is, until yesterday. 
They took Cody’s BAS out to make up for when he was gone a few months ago. We didn’t know it came out Thanks to that, we had a check bounce for our car payment. We’ve never had that happen. That meant next month we’d have to pay $600 total (each month we pay $300). We wouldn’t have money to go home for Christmas, or to pay for food. We were devastated and absolutely terrified. 
I called the  credit union we have our loan through. I told them what had happened and that we’d make it up next month by paying double. But we’d have to separate it between paychecks. The woman asked if we were just trying to pay to get caught up. I said yes. She said “Oh, well in that case.. You’re car payment is only $289 a month. You all have been paying ahead every month and that goes towards the next month. So you only owe $72.98. That’ll get you until December 31st.” I was so happy. I knew we could afford that. I got off the phone with her and cried. It was such a relief. A huge weight had been lifted. 
We now didn’t have to worry about next month’s finances. We would be okay. But as I said, this month our account was wiped out because of bills and the BAS pay cut. We only had roughly $30 left in our account to buy food and get gas. 
Right after Cody got home, he started to change clothes. There was a knock at the door. It was a man from a local church. He handed us a huge bag of food and said “We’d like to help you with your Thanksgiving. Here’s a bag of food and a $25 Food Lion gift card.” We have never met this man, and for some reason he stopped by our house. In the bag was absolutely everything you’d need for Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, we now have enough money to last us until next paycheck. 
I honestly believe that God blessed us with all this. We were so scared we wouldn’t be able to afford our bills next month, but now we don’t have that fear.

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