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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our Trip to the Oldest City

A couple of weekends ago was a long weekend, thanks to the Superbowl. We decided to take a day trip down to St. Augustine with some friends. It's one of our favorite get away places. It's the oldest city in the US and, as you can imagine, it's full of history.
There's this AMAZING Popsicle place called The Hyppo.  They have all different kinds of flavors and they're sooooooo good.
Look at all the Hippos on the wall!
Juan, a worker at The Hyppo (he was super cool)
Cody and Juan
Cody in front of the mustache popsicle
We went on our way with our super delicious popsicles. We headed Castillo de San Marcos. It's this beautiful fort located near the water in St. Augustine.
Castillo de San Marcos
This is us and some friends outside the fort. Isn't it pretty?
The firing of the cannon at Castillo de San Marcos
After visiting the fort, we made our way to the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

And of Course, we climbed the lighthouse. You can't just go to one and not climb.
We even got to see a gorgeous sunset at the top.
Cody at the top, with the sun shining on him. Isn't he handsome?
Laura and Me at the top
Cody and me at the top
Overall, we all had an amazing time exploring St. Augustine. If you ever get the chance, visit the oldest city. You won't regret it.

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